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March 25, 2021

Preparing the Holland Lane Lot to Support Tunnel Project Construction

Over the next several weeks, the Holland Lane Lot will become the main base of operations for the Tunnel Project.

Building off work completed in January 2021, the Design-Build Team, Traylor-Shea, is beginning preparations to occupy the Holland Lane Lot to support Tunnel Project construction at AlexRenew through 2025.

Starting the week of April 5, Traylor-Shea will begin setting up the site to serve as a hub for parking, field offices, and storage of equipment and materials. Part of the work involves lifting large conex boxes, similar to a shipping container, and setting them in place using an all-terrain crane, as depicted in the video.

All activity at the site will occur between the hours of 7AM and 6PM, Monday through Friday. The Lot, Holland Lane, and Limerick Street (just east of Bartholomew Street) will be closed to public vehicular and pedestrian traffic through 2025. AlexRenew will continue to monitor vector controls within and around the Lot on a monthly basis.

Check out some of the progress our team has made at the Holland Lane Lot.

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Holland Lane Lot proposed setup; no permanent structures will be constructed on the lot.