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JANUARY 25, 2019

Sound Level Studies

RiverRenew will be conducting sound level studies throughout Alexandria over the next few months.

Over the next few months, RiverRenew will conduct sound level studies near the existing outfall sites and AlexRenew's wastewater plant. These studies will collect data to establish existing background sound levels in the community. 

Sound level meters will be attached to standing fixtures, such as street signs, light poles or fences. These meters are small and unobtrusive. RiverRenew kindly asks they not be disturbed or tampered with while we collect the necessary data.

If you have questions about the sound level studies, please contact the RiverRenew Communications and Outreach team at, or 703-518-6030.

Noise monitoring equipment installed to concrete wall
Typical sound level meter installation
Map of planned sound level study areas
Map of planned sound level study areas