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RiverRenew Stakeholder Advisory Group

Alexandria Renew Enterprises and the City of Alexandria are proud to announce the establishment of the RiverRenew Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Alexandria Renew Enterprises and the City of Alexandria are proud to announce the establishment of the Stakeholder Advisory Group to monitor the implementation of RiverRenew.

Established through Alexandria City Council Resolution No. 2850, this 13-member body is comprised of a diverse group of citizens representing Alexandria neighborhoods, businesses, and environmental groups.

Selected volunteers will serve as ambassadors, reaching out to neighbors and community members to receive and share input. The RiverRenew Stakeholder Advisory Group will:
  • Be an active and informed citizen group that provides diverse perspectives throughout various phases of RiverRenew’s implementation; 
  • Review and monitor program progress and provide diverse perspectives; 
  • Serve as spokespeople for RiverRenew in the community and leverage existing networks to communicate progress; 
  • Receive input from the public and represent community perspectives at meetings; and 
  • Provide recommendations regarding mitigation of community impacts.

With over 30 applications received as part of the process, AlexRenew and the City would like to express gratitude to all who applied. Appointments to the Stakeholder Advisory Group can be found below.

The community is encouraged to attend the group's monthly public meetings. Look for meeting details on our Events page, or sign up to receive program updates.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group represents a balanced and diverse group of citizens from Alexandria neighborhoods, businesses and environmental groups, with particular focus given to neighborhoods most directly impacted by the proposed construction.

Area SAG Member Community Group/Neighborhood Represented
Outfall 001 Erik Olson North Old Town Independent Citizens’ Association
William Hillner Representative from Tobacco Quay, Waterfront Residences or Rivergate
Outfall 002 Yvonne Callahan Old Town Civic Association
Catherine Mackenzie Representative from South Old Town
Outfalls 003/4 No formal nominee Eisenhower Partnership
Andrew Duncan Representative from Carlyle community or Duke Street corridor
Kathy Dismukes Representative from Carlyle community or Duke Street corridor
AlexRenew Customer
Daniel Bradfield At-large representatives with interest in RiverRenew
Ivy Whitlatch
City-Wide Organizations Geoffrey Goode Environmental Policy Commission
Mary Ann Burstein Alexandria business group
Liz Birnbaum Park and Recreation Commission
At-Large Ron LaFond Representatives with engineering, environmental, financial or related experience
Karen Halbrecht

Meeting Materials


If you have questions regarding this group, please reach out to the RiverRenew Communications and Outreach team at 703-518-6030, or by email: