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RiverRenew Stakeholder Advisory Group

We'd like to thank the SAG members for the time and effort they dedicated to RiverRenew and for their commitment to achieving healthier waterways for Alexandria by July 1, 2025.

Established through City Council Resolution No. 2850, the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) was formed to monitor the implementation of RiverRenew. This group was comprised of a diverse group of citizens representing Alexandria neighborhoods, businesses, environmental groups, and other stakeholders.

Between February 2019 and December 2019 the SAG met six times, covering a range of topics including Community Impact Mitigation, Rate Adjustments, the Environmental Assessment, Tunnel System Procurement Process, and Community Givebacks. The SAG advised on outreach opportunities, helped shape Program messaging, and gave insight on community perception of RiverRenew. Additionally, SAG members were crucial in the development of the Program's Climate Change Flyer.

A new SAG will be formed as we approach 2021 to monitor construction activity associated with the Tunnel System. Check back here for updates and learn how to apply to be a RiverRenew ambassador for the next SAG.

Area SAG Member Community Group/Neighborhood Represented
Outfall 001 Erik Olson North Old Town Independent Citizens’ Association
William Hillner Representative from Tobacco Quay, Waterfront Residences or Rivergate
Outfall 002 Yvonne Callahan Old Town Civic Association
Catherine Mackenzie Representative from South Old Town
Outfalls 003/4 Andrew Duncan Eisenhower Partnership
Kathy Dismukes Representative from Carlyle community or Duke Street corridor
AlexRenew Customer
Daniel Bradfield At-large representatives with interest in RiverRenew
Ivy Whitlatch
City-Wide Organizations Craig Barry Environmental Policy Commission
Mary Ann Burstein Alexandria business group
Liz Birnbaum Park and Recreation Commission
At-Large Ron LaFond Representatives with engineering, environmental, financial or related experience
Karen Halbrecht

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If you have questions regarding this group, please reach out to the RiverRenew Communications and Outreach team at 703-518-6030, or by email: 

Pictured in the header image, from left to right:

Top row: Justin Carl (RiverRenew Program Advisor), Caitlin Feehan (RiverRenew Program Manager), Catherine Mackenzie, Liz Birnbaum, Ron LaFond, Daniel Bradfield, Sheeva Noshirvan (RiverRenew Communications and Outreach Specialist)

Bottom row: Kathy Dismukes, William Hillner, Karen Halbrecht, Erik Olson, Craig Barry, Ivy Whitlach