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RiverRenew is a major initiative in response to a 2017 Virginia law to achieve cleaner, healthier waterways in Alexandria. In late June 2018, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality approved a plan to control the discharge of combined sewage to Alexandria, VA’s waterways via four existing outfalls. The program involves the following four construction projects, including the construction of a deep tunnel system and modifications/upgrades to AlexRenew’s wastewater facility. AlexRenew will lead the planning and construction of RiverRenew to ensure its implementation by 2025.

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Program Portfolio

Project 108-116 MGD Expansion Building J Facilities Relocation and Decommissioning Tunnel System Wet Weather Treatment
Conveyance Tunnel
Tunnel Dewatering
Pumping Station
Description Upgrade front-end capacity of the WRRF Relocation of building uses and building demolition 12’-0” storage and conveyance tunnel to Outfalls 001 and 002 6’-0” conveyance sewer to Outfalls 003/004 and 130 MGD pumping station Mining shaft, 40 MGD tunnel dewatering pumping station, and associated facilities Conversion of Primary Settling Tanks to dual-use
Procurement Method Design-bid-build Design-bid-build Fixed-Price Design-Build Design-bid-build
Estimated Procurement Date May 2019 April 2019 June 2019 2022
Escalated Capital Cost to Construction Midpoint ($M) $3M $20M $200M $56M $89M $2M


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