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DECEMBER 01, 2018

CLOSED: Help us name our tunnels

RiverRenew is currently reviewing name ideas from the community for Tunnel 1 and Tunnel 2.

“Tunnel 1” and “Tunnel 2” don’t have the right ring to them…

RiverRenew is planning a new network of tunnels that will prevent millions of gallons of sewage mixed with rainwater from reaching Alexandria’s waterways. These tunnels will have a significant impact on the health of our waterways and environment for years to come – and we need the community’s help in creating names that are just as lasting and meaningful.

Submissions are currently under review.

Old Town Tunnel? Potomac Pipeline? Clean River Way? We received the your best ideas for Tunnel 1 and Tunnel 2 and are currently reviewing submissions. Be sure to check back here to see if your entry was selected!

The call for entries closed on December 1, 2018.

Map showing tunnels in Alexandria