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July 21, 2020

Meet Cloe!

The newest and cutest member of the RiverRenew team is here.

In a high-tech factory thousands of miles away from Alexandria, VA, the newest and cutest member of the RiverRenew team was created. Her name is Cloe, and she is here to help AlexRenew make Alexandria's rivers and streams healthier!

Cloe is a tunnel boring machine, a special piece of equipment built to dig large tunnels underground. When Cloe learned about the pollution entering Alexandria's waterways, she knew she had the right skills to help.

Cloe will be appearing often to help Alexandria's kids and families understand RiverRenew. Follow AlexRenew on Facebook and Twitter and check back here to keep up with her many adventures.

ARB20025_010.200 - Facts About Cloe 7-mask