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August 18, 2020

AlexRenew's Commitment to Engaging Local and Diverse Labor

To ensure healthier waterways for future generations, AlexRenew launched the RiverRenew project in response to a 2017 state law. This important work is being financed through state and federal loan programs to minimize rate impacts to the community.

These loan programs include guidelines and requirements on how we must operate—including provisions on seeking out and contracting with minority and women-owned businesses and complying with prevailing wage rates. Additionally, AlexRenew is specifically prohibited by Virginia law from either requiring or restricting contractors from entering into agreements with labor organizations.

Beyond these requirements, AlexRenew believes strongly in engaging small, minority-owned, local metro area, and women-owned businesses. We’re proud to report that about 95% of the workforce currently working on wastewater construction projects at the plant is from Virginia or the greater Washington metropolitan area.

AlexRenew remains focused on fulfilling its vital mission to clean wastewater, keep the community healthy through cleaner waterways, and reinvesting locally as we implement RiverRenew.