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January 19, 2021

Holland Lane Construction Update

AlexRenew has completed preparation of the Holland Lane Lot to be used as a construction staging area for the Tunnel Project.

Update: January 19, 2021

AlexRenew has completed preparation of the Holland Lane Lot to be used as a construction staging area to support the Tunnel Project. To prepare the lot, about 3,000 cubic yards of gravel - enough to cover one and a half football fields at one-foot depth - were placed to create a stable working surface. Additionally, about one half-mile of fencing and screening was installed to secure the perimeter of the lot.

Over the next few months, the Traylor-Shea team will mobilize to the lot to store materials, equipment, and temporary office trailers to support adjacent construction work at AlexRenew through 2025. No Tunnel Project components will be constructed on the lot.

This work was completed with minimal disruption to the community. Holland Lane and Limerick Street (just east of Bartholomew Street) will be closed to the public through 2025.

Update: November 11, 2020

AlexRenew is making progress on preparing the Holland Lane Lot for future use associated with the RiverRenew Tunnel Project. Gravel has been placed throughout the area and pressed into one flat, level surface using a compactor. Perimeter fence and gate posts were installed as part of the first step towards creating a secure site with dedicated access points. Extensive vector controls are in position to mitigate issues with pests and rodents. Site preparation is anticipated to be completed by December 4. The Design-Build team, Traylor-Shea, will gain access to the Holland Lane Lot on December 17.

Check back here and follow AlexRenew’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates.

On October 8, work to support RiverRenew will begin in an open lot just south of Eisenhower Circle. The lot, referred to as the Holland Lane Lot, is bounded by Eisenhower Circle to the north, Limerick Street to the south, Bartholomew Street to the west, and Holland Lane/Hooffs Run to the east.

The Holland Lane Lot will serve as an area to store materials and equipment, as well as temporary office trailers, for the RiverRenew Tunnel Project, which is anticipated to start in December 2020. The new tunnel will be constructed from two shafts immediately east of Hooffs Run on AlexRenew’s campus. Due to the limited area on AlexRenew’s campus, the Holland Lane Lot will serve as additional area to be utilized during construction. Please note that no permanent structures will be constructed within the Holland Lane Lot and this work is not associated with residential or commercial development in the area. The lot is solely needed to support temporary construction operations through 2025.

The Holland Lane lot will be surrounded by a fence and secured with gates. You may see trucks bringing large amounts of gravel to the lot throughout October. This gravel will be spread across the site to provide a firm surface for material and equipment storage. The lot, Holland Lane, and Limerick Street (just east of Bartholomew Street) will be closed to public vehicular and pedestrian traffic through 2025.

Holland Lane Lot

Stay safe and aware!

Work associated with preparing the lot will occur for the next few weeks between 7 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday. Please exercise caution when traveling near this area and be mindful of your surroundings, as there will be an increase in construction vehicles and activity.

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