Conditions of Alexandria's Combined Sewer System - Learn more.

August 18, 2020

Take a Virtual 3D Tour of RiverRenew’s Future Pumping Station

RiverRenew’s deep underground tunnel system will capture millions of gallons of combined sewage from entering local waterways in Alexandria. But how does the combined sewage get to the surface at AlexRenew’s Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) for treatment?

RiverRenew’s future Pumping Station is comprised of two large shafts, 65 feet and 35 feet in diameter, that will extend 12 stories below ground. These shafts will initially be used to build the Waterfront Tunnel. Once mining operations are complete, the shafts will connect to the Waterfront Tunnel and Hooffs Run Interceptor, establishing RiverRenew’s unified tunnel system. The shafts will house two levels of pumping stations and other debris-removing equipment to empty out the tunnel system after rain events and remove any trash or leaves that enter the tunnel system from storm drains. The Pumping Station will lift the combined sewage from the tunnel system and direct it to AlexRenew for treatment.

Once in place, RiverRenew will reduce combined sewer overflow events from 70 to less than four per year. Take a virtual tour and learn how the pumping station will help achieve healthier waterways for Alexandria in the video below.

3D Image of the future pumping station
Click the image to view a larger version.