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December 22, 2020

Completing the 108 to 116 Million Gallons per Day Project

AlexRenew is excited to complete the first RiverRenew project!

AlexRenew delivered the first phase of RiverRenew with the on-time completion of the 108 to 116 Million Gallons per Day Project in December 2020.

To reach this milestone, AlexRenew completed upgrades to and testing of six primary effluent pumps to increase their capacity from 108 to 116 million gallons per day (MGD). In November 2020, these pumps were tested to ensure they met the design intent, achieving substantial completion of the project. You can learn more about pump testing and substantial completion in the video below.

With the pumps up and running, this additional front-end capacity will help manage wet weather flows and assist in preventing 130 million gallons of combined sewage from entering local waterways.

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Catch up on our 108-116 MGD Expansion Project journey: