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December 17, 2019

Watch AlexRenew Prepare for the Largest Infrastructure Project in Alexandria's History

Go behind the scenes and learn more about how construction activity at AlexRenew is setting the stage for the RiverRenew program.

Curious about how AlexRenew is preparing for the largest infrastructure project in Alexandria's history? Check out the video below.

Four construction projects are currently underway at AlexRenew to pave the way for the new tunnel system.

In August 2019, construction kicked off at AlexRenew’s 35-acre Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF). Significant upgrades are required at the WRRF before construction can begin on the new tunnel system. In addition to treating captured combined sewage, AlexRenew will serve as the main hub of construction for the tunnel system.

Questions about the RiverRenew program?

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