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Environmental Assessment Public Scoping Information

Download the discussion boards and learn more about the Environmental Assessment process.

RiverRenew is working with the National Park Service to develop an Environmental Assessment to identify and evaluate potential environmental impacts associated with implementing RiverRenew.

The Environmental Assessment will ensure that natural resources, cultural resources, and community impacts are considered when locating proposed alternatives for the tunnel system.

Following a series of public outreach events, including three Community Listening Sessions and a Public Scoping Meeting with the National Park Service, RiverRenew sought input from the community and government agencies to guide analysis of the proposed alternatives. The public scoping comment period was open from September 10 - October 25, 2018.

Comments received from the scoping process will be incorporated into the analysis of the proposed alternatives. Once the Environmental Assessment has been drafted, it will be circulated for public comment. The anticipated timeframe is Spring 2019. RiverRenew and the National Park Service will respond to comments and conclude the process by documenting a decision.

You can check back here for updates on the Environmental Assessment. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments on our Contact Us page and sign up for program updates.

For your reference, below are the discussion boards presented at three Listening Sessions and the NPS Scoping Meeting in September 2018.