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About RiverRenew

Alexandria's wet weather program is now RiverRenew

In June 2018, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality approved the Long Term Control Plan Update (LTCPU) prepared by Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) and the City of Alexandria. The LTCPU recommended Option B+ as the solution to remediate Alexandria’s four existing combined sewer outfalls. The solution features a series of storage and conveyance tunnels coupled with upgrades to AlexRenew’s Water Resource Recovery Facility to treat the additional flows delivered during rain events. Following the LTCPU, implementation of this plan has been referred to as Alexandria’s Wet Weather Program or "Program." The “wet weather” moniker was intended to be a temporary placeholder until an overall brand for the program was established.

RiverRenew communicates the initiative to invest in healthier waterways for Alexandria

In July 2018, the Program was rebranded as RiverRenew: Investing in Healthier Waterways for Alexandria. Both aspirational and tactical, the RiverRenew name and tagline communicate succinctly what the program is about (cleaning our waterways by 2025) and why we should care (our rivers, renewed).

The focal point of the program’s identity is an interlocking links graphic. It shows the flow of water through the proposed tunnels – and, more importantly, it highlights the continued partnership between AlexRenew and the City of Alexandria. A color graduation in the links echoes the path the water takes as it moves from deep blue to green, the color of renewal, to a bright blue, signifying cleaner water.

“RiverRenew is not just about the people we currently serve; it’s also about future generations,” explains Liliana Maldonado, Deputy General Manager of AlexRenew. “RiverRenew represents a larger vision to improve our City’s waterways for the wellbeing of Alexandria for years to come.”

RiverRenew is a program owned and implemented by Alexandria Renew Enterprises, with support from the City of Alexandria

Led by a five-member citizen board, Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) is a special-purpose authority that has been serving the City of Alexandria and parts of Fairfax County for the last 60 years. AlexRenew treats an average of 35 million gallons of wastewater per day from more than 300,000 people at its water resource recovery facility, located in Alexandria’s southwest quadrant.

In keeping with our water protection mission, AlexRenew will lead the planning and construction of RiverRenew to ensure its implementation by 2025.

RiverRenew program logo

Above: the RiverRenew logo



“RiverRenew: Investing in Healthier Waterways for Alexandria,” communicates what the program is about.

The new name, tagline, and logo design really speak to the essence of our program.

Liliana Maldonado, Deputy General Manager